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  • Omeje, Kenneth (University Press of America, 2009)
    This book explores the political history of Liberia and its descent to civil war, the regional ramifications of the war, and conflict intervention and peacekeeping efforts. It also examines the problems, challenges, and ...
  • Adar, Korwa G (African Studies Quarterly | Volume 2, Issue 2 | 1998, 1998)
    The principles of democracy and human rights have been persistent, if at times secondary, themes within the rhetoric of American foreign policy toward Africa since the end of World War II. The linking of such Wilsonian ...
  • Zeleza, Paul T; Vaney, Rachel Cassandra (2001)
    The Racialised Politics of Gender Within the International Study of Africa; Examining the role gender plays in African Studies, as practised in Africa and the US, this book discusses the challenges and difficulties female ...
  • Zeleza, Paul T (2003)
    Bringing together often unconnected modes of analysis, research and debate on leisure in African studies, an interdisciplinary team of scholars reflects on the complex conceptions, creation and consumption of leisure in ...

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