Factors Affecting Business Processing Outsourcing Strategy: A Case Study East Africa Breweries Limited

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dc.contributor.author Wahome, Charles
dc.date.accessioned 2017-08-28T08:55:37Z
dc.date.available 2017-08-28T08:55:37Z
dc.date.issued 2017
dc.identifier.uri http://erepo.usiu.ac.ke/11732/3335
dc.description A Research Project Proposal Submitted to the Chandaria School of Business in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) en_US
dc.description.abstract The general purpose of this study was to determine factors affecting business processing outsourcing at East Africa Breweries Limited. The study was guided by three research questions which are: how does organizational culture affect implementation of business processing outsourcing in East African Breweries Limited? How does the management style affect implementation of business processing outsourcing in East African Breweries Limited? and how does the service provider affect implementation of business processing outsourcing in East African Breweries Limited? A descriptive research was used. The research used questionnaires to collect data. The target population was 835 respondents from East African Breweries Limited. 418 questionnaires were distributed and only 400 were filled and returned. Data was analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SPSS and the results were presented in figures and tables. Findings based on the first research question revealed that majority of respondents agreed that they are aware of organizational culture, organizational culture affects implementation of business process outsourcing. However there was uncertainty on relationship the organization has with their service provider affects business processing outsourcing implementation, employees adopt well to change, and employees believe change is inevitable. In addition, respondents disagreed that organizational culture is compatible with service provider’s culture and organizational culture is considered before outsourcing. Findings based on the second research question established that there was uncertainty on management have the right capabilities and is committed to handle business processing outsourcing implementation, management offers guidance to employee and handle disputes arising. However, respondents disagreed that the organization has experienced difficulty in obtaining organizational support on outsourcing activities. Findings based on the third research question revealed that there was uncertainty on distance of service provider location from that of East African Breweries Limited affects service delivery, organization has mechanism in place that create conducive environment for knowledge transfer, service providers have invested time to ensure a good relationship with the organization, organization has changed vendors as a result of performance and service provider objectives are aligned with the firm’s objectives,. However, respondents disagreed on capability of service providers has resulted into competitive advantage for the and service provider understands the firm’s business operation and environment well The study concluded that the organization has organizational culture but the employees are not aware. In addition, before outsourcing the organizations considers their culture and ensures that decisions are in line with their culture. However, the relationship that the organization has with its service providers affects the implementation of business processing outsourcing and employees do not adopt well to change. East African Breweries Limited does not have the right managers, who are committed and have required capabilities to handle implementation of business processing outsourcing, manage dispute during the implementation process and negative outcome has resulted due to outsourcing. The organization does not have mechanism in place to easily transfer knowledge; service providers have not created time to ensure that they have a good relationship with East African Breweries Limited hence leading to East African Breweries Limited changing vendors. The study recommended that East African Breweries Limited should ensure its culture and service providers culture are compatible, involve employees in the implementation, managers are committed, offer guidance, include employees in the implementation process, have easy access to their service provider, ensure that their objective is in line with service providers objective outsource service providers that are able to perform task effectively and understand East African Breweries Limited business operation and environment. It is recommended that a similar study should be done to identify if factors identified affects other company during business processing outsourcing and also to identify other factors that affects business processing outsourcing. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher United States International University - Africa en_US
dc.subject Business Processing en_US
dc.subject Outsourcing Strategy en_US
dc.subject East Africa Breweries Limited en_US
dc.title Factors Affecting Business Processing Outsourcing Strategy: A Case Study East Africa Breweries Limited en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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