Conserving The Environment One Bin At A Time

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dc.date.issued 2012
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dc.description.abstract Efforts to tackle global warming have been going on for decades. In fact the problems brought about by the gradual rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere are spiraling. USIU’s Sustainable Development Initiative Center (SUDIC) is leading efforts on campus to mitigate the effects through creative implementation of energy efficient measures. On Tuesday, July 24, SUDIC received 13 dustbins from Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Willie Butler, for use in efficiently recycling waste on campus. The dustbins - valued at Kshs 50 000 – are part of a waste management project initiated by the Center, to generate funds through the sale of such waste to the Mathare Youth Development Organization (MAYUDO) and Chandaria Industries Limited. When glass bottles, organic waste, paper and plastic are reused or recycled, energy is saved thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions – a leading cause of global warming. The colored dustbins, donated by the division of Institutional Planning and Advancement, will enable different types of waste to be collected in different bins and subsequently appropriately disposed. By introducing waste management at the beginning of the disposal process, subsequent activities will become easier, faster, and more economical to the university. The Mathare Youth Development Organization is a community based organization built around the concept of transforming the youth for more useful purpose through commitment in volunteering and changing the general structure of the community. The members engage in activities such as- waste management, HIV and AIDs, tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, and unemployment which are some of the impediments in community development. MAYUDO has patnered with USIU and will purchase her plastic waste which they will in turn sell to the City Council for revenue to go towards their projects. USIU will also sell organic waste to the group for use in their farming projects; these will go a long way to assist in achieving their goals. USIU has over the years partnered with Chandaria Industries Ltd. (CIL) in various ways and one of them is by selling paper waste to the company. CIL is the leading paper products producing company in Kenya; kitchen, tissue and Industrial paper are some of its largest products in various retail shops country wide. CIL utilizes a significant amount of recyclable paper from all over Kenya by partnering with communities to recycle their municipal, school, and commercial-generated paper into quality tissue products. en_US
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dc.title Conserving The Environment One Bin At A Time en_US
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